About Us



To be the leading medical device manufacturer with the best quality and making our product easily accessible to everyone.

Levram Lifesciences was established in the year 2015 as a manufacturing setup for medical devices extensively using polymers as their primary material, focusing mainly on the Diagnostic Segment.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2013 certified company and our products measure up to high quality and accuracy standards.

All our products are manufactured completely in a clean room environment using the best quality materials and assembled on a 100% automatic assembly line with minimum human intervention. We believe in quality and the same has been inculcated in our products. 

Promoters of Levram are leading manufacturers of plastics & polymers for over six decades. Having an associate company which is a 100% EOU , Levram has an management expertise to reach across the global market.

Levram has the largest range of products in Blood Collection Tubes and is currently the largest Blood Collection Tube manufacturer in India. Our product which has total integrated  in-house manufacturing facilities suffice the concept of Make In India.